Frequently Asked Questions


How does my feed work?

The Fooqu!rk default feed is curated based on your quiz results, otherwise known as your FQ. This ensures you receive relevant content (and meet others!) similar to how you eat.

How can I respond to a post?

  • Crave: Give a thumbs up to show your support for anything you find delicious, decadent, or drool-worthy. 
  • Dish: Share your thoughts, ask a question, or encourage your community members.
  • Stash: Save someone else’s post in your personal list of ‘Stashes’ to refer back to at any time. You can find all your ‘stashed’ posts under the ‘My FQ’ section. 

Can I change my feed?

Yes! This is important to us at Foodqu!rk. Although we think you’ll like your curated feed, we also believe you should be in charge of what content you see. So feel free to switch it using the filters on the left of your page.

What are the colored circles around my profile image?

These colored circles represent your priority personality. Even though each one of us is made up of different levels of each personality (we are all a unique blend!), this indicates a place to start the conversation on your relationship with food. Where you take that is up to you!


I’m having a technical problem with the Foodqu!rk website or app. How should I report it?

Technical issues can be reported here. For other types of support or for general inquiries, email [email protected].

What are badges? How can I earn them?

You may notice a small icon next to the profile name of certain users. These icons, or ‘badges,’ indicate something about the user:

A chef hat signifies an official Foodqu!rk quirk (Executive Quirk, Head Quirk, Sous Quirk, or Ambassador Quirk) or Foodqu!rk staff member.

The pineapple badge signifies a new member to the Foodqu!rk community who has joined within the last 30 days. (Make sure to give them a big welcome!)

A hot chili pepper indicates someone who’s on fire! This user is consistently ‘bringing something to the table’ by posting every 24 hours.

If my account is ‘private,’ what parts of my profile are still visible? 

Accounts can be made public (visible to everyone) or private (with most information visible only to approved connections). A private account only shares the user’s profile image, FQ! Results bar, # connections / # following, and join date to the wider community.   

How can I change my privacy settings?

Click on your name/profile image and select ‘Account Settings.’ From there, navigate to ‘Privacy’ and adjust the profile visibility settings as desired. 

How can I change my notifications?

Click on your name/profile image and select ‘Account Settings.’ From there, navigate to ‘Email Settings’ and adjust the notifications as desired.

Can I retake my Foodqu!rk quiz?

Yes! If your dietary needs or preferences change, you can retake your Foodqu!rk quiz and update your results. From your profile page, select ‘My FQ!.’ There, you can click ‘Edit my FQ!’ and retake the Foodqu!rk quiz. Results will be automatically reflected in your account.

How can I send a direct message?

You can send direct, private messages to any of your contacts – or even a group of contacts together. Press the inbox icon (next to ‘Search’ and ‘Notifications’) and click ‘View Inbox.’ A compose icon will appear in the left panel, next to the word ‘Messages.’ Choose the recipient(s), write your message, and press send!

I’ve received a direct message as part of a group, but can’t reply to it. How can I fix this?

You can only direct message your contacts. If you can’t reply to the group conversation, it means that one or more people in the group is not a direct connection. Click on the name(s) of anyone in the conversation that you’re not directly connected to, and select ‘Connect.’ Once they approve of your request, you’ll be able to reply to the group.

How can I report content that is inappropriate?

Foodqu!rk takes seriously our commitment to being a welcoming and safe space for all members. Content that is bullying, harassing, or otherwise inappropriate will be removed by the administrators. 

Any posts or messages – whether on the feed or in a private message – can be reported for review by the moderator. At the right of the post or private message, you will find three vertical dots. Click the three vertical dots and select ‘Report.’

Can I block another user?

Any user can be blocked from seeing your profile. To block a user, open their profile page and click on the green button labeled ‘Block.’ This action will remove the member from your connections, and you will no longer be able to:

  • See blocked member’s posts
  • Mention this member in posts
  • Message this member
  • Add this member as a connection

What’s the difference between ‘connect’ and ‘follow?’

Connecting with someone on Foodqu!rk allows you to view posts from someone with a private account and send a direct message to them. 

Alternatively, you can ‘follow’ any public profile in Foodqu!rk to see their content on your feed. You cannot send a direct message to an account that you are only following; you must be an approved connection.

Can I promote my business on Foodqu!rk?

Business solicitation is strictly forbidden on Foodqu!rk, and any posts seeking to solicit business will be removed by the administrators. The moderator reserves the right to remove content that is promotional in nature at their sole discretion. Instead of promoting on the feed, users may link to a business site within their profile description.


How do I get access to Foodqu!rk? 

While Foodqu!rk is in beta, membership is invite-only. To get on the list for a seat at the table, head to

How do I talk to someone at Foodqu!rk? 

Send an email with your inquiry to [email protected] and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Who’s behind Foodqu!rk? 

For more information about Foodqu!rk, including its founders, staff, and advisors, visit our About page.

Can I join Foodqu!rk as a brand or restaurant? 

At this stage, we are only welcoming individual members to Foodqu!rk. In the future, however, we plan to open membership to brands and restaurants.