Welcome to Foodqu!rk

As the first personalized food community, we want you to eat as you are.

Carnivore with a side of gluten and dairy free? We got you.

Paleo on weekdays, no holds barred on weekends? Here for it.

Trying to eat more greens? Hear that.

No onions, ever? You do you.

Veganish? All the feels.

Yup, we want you to be you through food.

And it’s our mission to make that easier.

What Is Foodqu!rk?

A Food Mobile App: Right now it’s a website, but soon will be a mobile app (IOS & Android).

A Food Personality Quiz: Like an Enneagram, or a Myers-Briggs personality quiz, it’s a quiz to help discover your individual palate and personality.

A Food Community: A safe space to explore content and connect with others around what you love, how you eat, and who you are.

How does it Work?

Sign up for free!

Take the Quiz: And get your food personality score (your FQ).

Explore the Community: And discover recipes, products, and meal inspiration
shared by others who eat like you.

What’s the Point?

Recipes & Meal Inspiration: Quickly answer: what’s for dinner? everyday. Matched to how you and/or your family eats. This is your trusted resource.

Recommended Products: Looking for gluten-free options that don’t taste like card-board? Best local honey in your neck of the woods? This is your place.

Supportive Community Outside of Social Media: Skip dodging the political opinions, what your aunt thinks, and those weight-loss pills none of us need, to just explore, talk about, and connect over food. This is your safe space.

What’s the Future

We’re just getting started. And will be building Foodqu!rk around your needs, wants, cravings, and connection.